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K2W partners with Trademutt

Keen2work is thrilled to announce a partnership with Trademutt.

Trademutt is a social enterprise founded by Ed Ross and Daniel Allen in 2016.

After Dan lost a close mate to suicide in late 2015, it became obvious that there was a significant lack of understanding around mental health, particularly among young men.

Trademutt is an Australian Workwear brand that aims to make tradies and workers of all kinds look and feel great at work, and in doing so, reduce the rate of male suicide in Australia.

Their loud and vibrant shirts act as a catalyst to starting the conversation around mental health in men, a topic that has been hard to approach in the past for blokes, mostly due to the attached stigmas and perceived weakness.

Keen2work Director Lee Mathewson feels that this partnership will help continue to improve getting conversations started "It is fantastic how Trademutt have started this movement to get people in the workplace, in particular men, to talk about what is going on in their lives."

"Gone are the days of 'you'll be right' - we want to create those workplace environments, where anybody feels comfortable to speak up when they may be going through tough times.

"That's why we feel, this is a significant partnership with Trademutt.

"Starting the conversation with our apprentices will go a long way to creating better work environments and relationships between employer and employee."

Visit the Trademutt website today to see their full range of bright and colourful work shirts, and get the conversation started -




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