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What makes the K2W app so good!

Seamless and intuitive, the K2W app helps job seekers connect with prospective employers fast. Once a job seekers profile is made live, they can browse for relevant apprenticeship and trainee opportunities that employers are advertising.

Job seekers can track the status of their application and what’s more, they can also save jobs and apply later. With K2W, you never miss the right job opportunity or the right candidate.

K2W Works for You

Get notified when the apps AI matches you with the perfect job or the ideal apprentice. Daily notifications and regular updates. Sign up to K2W today and have the app work for you.

Simple Profile Creator

K2W makes registering easy. In a few simple steps, you can create your job seeker or employer profile. Starting a new career and finding an apprentice was never this easy!

Match and Message

Keen2work also allows employers to connect directly to job seekers when the employer’s job description matches that of the employee, allowing both to find out quickly if they are a good fit.

Stay Notified

Permission-based notification alerts make sure that you never miss that chance to get your dream job or find that perfect apprentice. Simply use the intuitive interface to customise your notifications just the way you want.



To subscribe and create your account!

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